Visit the Virtual Akira Art Exhibition, on now till August 30

The Virtual Akira Art Exhibition is now live, featuring the works of artists from Singapore and around the region.

Virtual Akira Art Exhibition poster

Through the wizardry that is modern technology, you can now visit the Virtual Akira Art Exhibition from the comfort of your own home.

The online interactive exhibition, presented by The Unusual Network in collaboration with Metamo Industries, features the work of artists from Singapore and the region inspired by Akira, the post-apocalyptic cyberpunk manga series and film.

Virtual Akira Art Exhibition layout

The exhibition features the works of JabaOne (Singapore), Ivan Despi (Philippines), Mojoko (Singapore), Arcadia (Singapore), Ashraf Omar (Singapore), Clogtwo (Singapore), Eric Foenander (Singapore), Humanoise (Japan), Lutfi Aufar (Indonesia), Shiaaan (Singapore), Buro UFHO (Singapore), Sidd Wills (Singapore) and Supercybertown (Singapore). These pieces are complemented by central sculptures created by Japanese artist Humanoise and the sound design is created by Intriguant (Singapore).

Virtual Akira Art Exhibition layout 2

The virtual exhibition begins in a back alley set in a dystopian future. The journey starts here. There, you’ll be greeted by neon lights that point towards a mysterious, dark door. Click on the door to enter into the exhibition space, a rectangular atrium where you’ll find walls adorned with Akira-themed art pieces and digital sculptures by Humanoise in the center of the room.

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Through simple clicks, visitors can navigate the space and view each art piece up close. To have a closer look yet, tap on the artwork itself and a pop up will provide more information about the story and price. Want to own a copy of the artwork? Tap on the “Purchase Artwork” button and a copy will be printed and shipped out to you. The pieces are priced between S$250 and S$850.

Virtual Akira Art Exhibition layout 3

The show was originally scheduled to be held in April of this year, but like many other cool things meant to happen, it had to be canceled due to Covid-19. To adapt, the organizers shifted the exhibition online, creating an interactive virtual space that allows anyone to view the art pieces through their browser.

The Virtual Akira Art Exhibition will run from now till August 30. Visit to experience the show from your couch now.

Do you think shows like the “Virtual Akira Art Exhibition” could be the future of art exhibitions? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

All images: The Unusual Network

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