Volvo Pledges to Make “Deathproof” Cars by 2020

Volvo Pledges to Make “Deathproof” Cars by 2020

Volvo has announced that it will make cars that are so safe, no one should ever perish driving one of its creations.


The Swedish automotive giant already has a remarkable track record where it comes to car crash safety tests, but this latest goal set by them could be the solution to reducing the number of fatalities from car accidents.

Volvo will be employing a host of high tech features to live up to their promise. These include adaptive cruise control that detects other vehicles on the road and keeps a safe following distance from them; auto lane-keeping assist which will ensure that vehicles stay in their designated lanes; and collision avoidance system that will warn the driver of obstacles or pedestrians ahead and allow the car to brake automatically.

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For the automotive industry, the endgame is to eventually have cars that are autonomously driven, so as to remove driver error, the factor that often leads to car accidents. Considering that many cars now come with self-parking features, autonomous driving is not a far-fetched idea, and Volvo’s latest move is a big step towards making that a reality. As to how “deathproof” their cars can actually be, only time and extensive crash testing can tell.

Source: CNN Money

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