This VR Glove Makes Virtual Objects Feel 100% Real

This VR Glove Makes Virtual Objects Feel 100% Real

With this VR glove, you won’t feel like you’re grasping at air the next time you grab an in-game object.

Touch and Feel Virtual Objects with this Exoskeleton Glove

Adding realism to virtual interaction, the Dexmo VR Glove lets users physically touch and feel objects in the VR world.

Created by Chinese startup Dexta Robotics, the glove comes with 11 degrees of freedom of motion and variable force feedback.

The device simulates a real sense of touch by physically pulling back fingers to adapt to the shape of any given object. It’s so precise, it can help wearers feel the difference between objects of varying hardness, as demonstrated in the video below:

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Of course, software developers will have more coding to do to harness the full potential of Dexmo’s product, but it does hold possibilities beyond gaming.

The creators have yet to release an official launch date or given a price indication, but these gloves might make virtual reality that much more intuitive in the near future.

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