Coming Soon: Warcraft Movie to be Released in 2016

Coming Soon: Warcraft Movie to be Released in 2016

One of the gaming industry’s most established series will be made into a feature film, and we’ve got the full length trailer right here.

Humans & Orcs Battle It Out in Next Year's Warcraft Movie

Warcraft has been a mainstay in gaming and pop culture since it first came onto the scene in 1994. As the years passed, the video game spawned additional titles, even branching out to board games, collectible cards and novels.

Ask anyone who’s played Warcraft and chances are, they’ll wax lyrical about the fast-paced, engaging gameplay and compelling storyline. Now, they’ve got even more reason to cheer, as Warcraft prepares for its big screen debut next year.

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Just like the games, the upcoming movie is loosely based on humans and a particular tribe of orcs fighting it out on the battlefield. Of course, there’s also the horde of peace-loving orcs that try to promote neutrality, but we all know how human pride gets in the way of that.

One thing that stands out in the trailer is how the production team for sparing no expense in creating the CGI, muscle-bound orcs that closely resemble their original appearance in the games and make humans look like dwarfs.

Watch the Warcraft movie trailer below, and keep June 9th 2016 free; that’s when the movie is set to open in cinemas worldwide.

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