Watch: The Evolution of Men’s Hairstyles Over the Years

Watch: The Evolution of Men’s Hairstyles Over the Years

The latest clip from WatchCut Video’s “100 Years of Beauty” series is a quick history lesson on how men’s hairstyles have varied over the course of time.


Much like fashion, men’s hairstyles have gone through numerous changes throughout the years, with each style becoming a distinctive symbol of that era’s culture.

Whether it’s the Elvis Presley-inspired pompadours of the 50s, the scraggy mane and facial hair that were integral to hippie culture in the 60s and 70s, or even the man buns that we see so often today, the team behind the series manage to accurately replicate men’s hairstyles on model Samuel Orson.

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With pomades and barbering having made a comeback in a big way, retro hairstyles from the past, such as the pompadour, have also been resurrected, giving the dudes of today more options when it comes to picking a hairstyle.

Watch the full video below, and follow WatchCut Video for more of such clips.

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