Yuka Kinoshita: The Girl Who Puts Big Eaters to Shame

Yuka Kinoshita: The Girl Who Puts Big Eaters to Shame

If you think you can eat a lot, think again. A petite lady by the name of Yuka Kinoshita is making the rounds on the Internet with her supersized eating habits.

Yuka Kinoshita: The Girl Who Eats A Lot

It’s a known fact that the Japanese have some pretty weird shows that leave international audiences scratching their heads every time they watch one. But just when you thought you’d seen it all, along comes Yuka Kinoshita. Known also as “gluttonous beautiful woman”, Yuka has made a name for herself, thanks to her YouTube channel in which she films herself eating unfathomable amounts of food.

It really is unbelievable yet entertaining, and whether she has a high metabolism or not, we don’t know how long she can keep this up. Watch as she gobbles down three pizzas, worth an estimated 10,800 calories in total, which is many times more than one’s daily requirement.

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If that doesn’t impress you, here’s Yuka downing 100 nuggets in one sitting.

We’d usually think that two packets of instant noodles would be a sin but Yuka doesn’t even flinch when it comes to chomping on 3kg of it.

Check out the rest of her gastronomic adventures here but please, do not try this at home.

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