Southeast Asia’s First Pre-Work Party: No Booze, Just Good Vibes and Healthy Food

Southeast Asia’s First Pre-Work Party: No Booze, Just Good Vibes and Healthy Food

Party when the sun comes up! Zespri, along with Morning Gloryville, are organizing Southeast Asia’s first pre-work party. No alcohol, just good vibes and plenty of healthy food to kickstart your morning.


If you’re used to partying till the sun comes up, you might need a change of scene. The folks from Zespri, purveyors of the gloriously golden-colored kiwifruit, and Morning Gloryville, a traveling morning rave party, advocate partying when the sun comes up instead.

Dubbed the Zespri x Morning Gloryville Party, what it entails is a fitness experience with free form improvised dancing that works both body and mind. Did we also mention that admission to the party is free? The alcohol-free event will also feature a breakfast bar, serving up healthy food like roasted chicken and vegetarian wraps, along with other small bites jazzed up with what else, Zespri SunGold kiwifruits.

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Touted Southeast Asia’s first ever pre-work party, the party will be held Friday, June 12th, at Club KYŌ, from 6.30am to 9.30am. RSVP to attend the party here

As a lead-up to tomorrow’s pre-work party, Zespri will be giving out 150 kiwifruit packs today, June 11th, at various locations in the Central Business District (CBD). Check out Zespri’s Facebook page for location updates of its kiwifruit giveaway.

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