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ASOS Pulls Racist Clothing Line From its Store

Online fashion retailer ASOS received plenty of flak after hosting one particular brand on its marketplace.


The brand in question, “It’s a Hoodrat Thing”, used the derogatory term “hoodrat”, which makes fun of women who come from underprivileged communities.

Twitter users flooded social media, calling the brand a prime example of cultural appropriation:

It certainly didn’t help that the duo behind “It’s a Hoodrat Thing” are two white women – Frankie and Nina – who are self-proclaimed “hip hop loving, wannabe gangstas”.

Their label also carries denim jackets with “Gangsta’s Paradise” graphics, and a “Hoodrat” mesh cropped tee, none of which would sit well with today’s socially-conscious society.

Thankfully, ASOS pulled the plug and removed the brand from its website entirely. Kudos to that. “It’s a Hoodrat Thing” has also removed its presence on the Internet. Hopefully, 2017 will see less brands making the same mistakes.

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