Streetwear Brand Puts Nazi Swastika on Pullovers and Tees

Streetwear Brand Puts Nazi Swastika on Pullovers and Tees

Bandung-based streetwear label Morrys Portland Supply came under fire for featuring the swastika symbol in their Spring/Summer 2016 collection that was released in June this year.


Titled “BAD TO THE BONE”, the Spring/Summer collection from Morrys Portland Supply showcased the Nazi symbol printed on pullovers and tees.

Even with all the backlash in the comments section, the brand didn’t seem to get the message and continued posting pictures from the collection, going so far as to label the pieces the “Best Seller” on clothing website Jakcloth.



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Even though cultural appropriation is at an all-time high (blackface for Halloween, anyone?), these displays of ignorance continue to surprise us.

Not cool, Morrys Portland Supply.

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