ASOS Pulls Racist Clothing Line From its Store

ASOS Pulls Racist Clothing Line From its Store

Online fashion retailer ASOS received plenty of flak after hosting one particular brand on its marketplace.


The brand in question, “It’s a Hoodrat Thing”, used the derogatory term “hoodrat”, which makes fun of women who come from underprivileged communities.

Twitter users flooded social media, calling the brand a prime example of cultural appropriation:

It certainly didn’t help that the duo behind “It’s a Hoodrat Thing” are two white women – Frankie and Nina – who are self-proclaimed “hip hop loving, wannabe gangstas”.

Their label also carries denim jackets with “Gangsta’s Paradise” graphics, and a “Hoodrat” mesh cropped tee, none of which would sit well with today’s socially-conscious society.

Thankfully, ASOS pulled the plug and removed the brand from its website entirely. Kudos to that. “It’s a Hoodrat Thing” has also removed its presence on the Internet. Hopefully, 2017 will see less brands making the same mistakes.

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