10 Commemorative Supreme Box Logo Tee Designs You Should Know

10 Commemorative Supreme Box Logo Tee Designs You Should Know

With the opening of Supreme’s latest store in Paris, France, we take a look at some of the special box logo tees that have been released over the years.

First Store Opening (1994)


Image via Dafont

The OG box logo tee is most recognizable, and was launched in 1994 with the brand’s first store opening in New York. A re-issue came 20 years later, and many in the street culture scene continue to rave over this seemingly simple yet iconic design.

9/11 Relief (2001)


Image via Highsnobiety

Following the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City, Supreme stepped in with its 9/11 relief tee that featured the American flag with Supreme text subtly added in the background.

Los Angeles Store Opening (2004)


Image via Hypebeast

The grand opening of Supreme’s second store in the United States saw the release of another box logo tee, with the word “Supreme” spelt out in Hebrew characters. A rare find these days, there’s one floating on eBay right now for US$800.

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Harajuku Store Opening (2006)


Image via Hypebeast

Customers who paid a visit to Supreme’s store opening in the Harajuku district walked away with a snakeskin print box logo tee. Prepare to foot a grand if you’re bent on getting one today.

Nagoya Store Opening (2008)


Image via Hypebeast

Keeping things plain and simple, the box logo tee for the Nagoya store replaces the signature red with gold foil printing.

Supreme x Rizzoli (2010)


Image via Highsnobiety

Supreme collaborated with publisher Rizzoli to release a commemorative book that captured the pivotal moments in the independent label’s history, and accompanying it was a limited edition box tee that had a black-and-white logo in front, along with a print of the book cover on the back of the tee.

London Store Opening (2011)


Image via Hypebeast

Supreme’s foray into the European market saw the introduction of its “negative space” concept, where customers had to head downwards to shop its products. The street level was used as a gallery for skate-related paraphernalia, and a Union Jack box logo tee was released to mark the occasion and pay homage to founder James Jebbia’s time in UK. There’s one going for a steal on eBay now.

Japan Earthquake Relief (2011)


Image via Highsnobiety

The earthquake that rocked Japan in March 2011 affected the lives of many, and Supreme took it upon itself to lend some help, with a “rising sun” box logo tee. All proceeds from the sales of this tee were donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Shibuya Store Opening (2012)


Image via Hypebeast

When Supreme’s Shibuya outlet opened in 2012, they also released a box logo tee in collaboration with American artist Nate Lowman, that featured the latter’s iconic “bullet holes” motif overlapping the box logo. Pretty neat.

Paris Store Opening (2016)


Image via Hypebeast

It hasn’t taken long for pictures of the new box logo tee to hit the Internet, and from what we found, it looks like Supreme opted for a black-and-white version of its box logo, with the words “Bonjour Madame” (Hello Madam) and the store opening date “10-3-2016” printed on the back.

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