10 Designs to Not Use on the adidas #miZXFLUX App

10 Designs to Not Use on the adidas #miZXFLUX App

The adidas #miZXFLUX app takes sneaker customization to the next level, but for your sake we hope you never try any of these 10 designs.


Footwear giant adidas has launched the #miZXFLUX app that allows people to use their own images to create ZX Flux trainers with customized uppers. Users can then place an order for these kicks customized to their liking and have them delivered to their doorstep*. Sounds cool, right? We agree, but not when you’re using the following designs.

*The #miZXFLUX app is available for download but the actual ordering of the shoe is available regionally only in Australia, China, India and Japan.

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Seeing memes like Sad Kanye make their appearance on sneakers makes us sad too.

Your Girlfriend


Flaunting your girlfriend on a pair of sneakers is the surest sign of insecurity, you jerk.

Justin Bieber


Wanna lose your friends real quick? Be a Belieber and put the singer on your shoe!

Bling It On


Unless you’re Mr. T, there’s no way in hell you can pull off having so much gold on you.

Inspirational Quotes


Yeah, all you inspirational quotes-loving people, keep your positivity to yourself.

Luxury Brand Monograms


No, the collaboration between adidas and whatever luxury brand you fancy did not happen. The sooner you can come to terms with that, the better.

Existing ZX Flux Colorways


Let’s face it, if you missed out on the ZX Flux “Prism” your best bet is to find a reseller. Using your own prism pattern is just… lame.



If you’re going to put a supercar on your ZX Flux, make sure you actually own one.



Don’t put your feet in things you eat, man. No matter how much you love your eggs benedict.



Two-thirds into 2014 and the #selfie syndrome is still going strong. It’s just a matter of time till we see selfies pervading the sneaker realm. #Shoefie anyone?

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