10 Star Wars Costumes Gone Wrong

10 Star Wars Costumes Gone Wrong

Every May 4th, Star Wars fans come out in full force to show their love for the Sith, Jedi and everything in between. Unfortunately, not everyone is dress to impressed. Here are 10 cringe-worthy Star Wars cosplays caught on camera.

Not sure if Jabba costume or just a dude in a sleeping bag


Image via Uproxx

Star Wars costumes for cheap


Image via Nedhardy

Someone get R2D2 some pants


Image via Hero Machine

A little less conversation, a little more action please


Image via Uproxx

Chewbacca: The Wookie Warrior Princess


Image via Pinterest

Leia: “Ending the tyranny of the Empire is a tough job and I need a smoke.”


Image via Neatorama

A retired Jango Fett makes an appearance in dad shorts


Image via FTG

Great costume – minus the guy


Image via Neatorama

Here comes Juan Solo


Image via Funny Junk

Hardly the ultimate weapon it was designed to be


Image via Blommouth

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