12 Supreme Accessories That Made Us Go “What?”

12 Supreme Accessories That Made Us Go “What?”

But they’ll still be in demand anyway, because Supreme is life.

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Supreme added an actual brick to its Fall/Winter 2016 collection, which inspired us to recount 12 of the strangest accessories from the brand.

1) Brick


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Yup, a piece of hardened clay used in construction has become the most talked-about piece in Supreme’s latest collection. This one has the company’s logo front and center, making it a prized possession that doubles up as a useful paperweight.

2) Soup Bowl


Another upcoming accessory, this Chinese bowl+spoon combo usually sells for a buck or two at the thrift shop, but now becomes the most treasured item on the dinner table.

3) Dog Bowl


Percy the pug will never know he’s having his chow on a limited edition bowl. But you do, and that’s all that matters.

4) Inflatable Raft


Not leaving anyone to drown in their sorrows, Supreme came up with an inflatable raft for the fanatics who struggle to stay afloat after making hefty purchases at its store.

5) Nunchucks


No doubt a pain in the ass to ship, this weapon should never find itself in the hands of amateurs and Bruce Lee wannabes.

6) Air Horn


Definitely made for the Supreme-head who needs a new way to call attention to himself.

7) Baoding Ball


Touted to improve finger dexterity and relax the hand, these Baoding balls will no doubt be needed after yet another round of frantic button-clicking upon the drop of Supreme’s collection.

8) Harmonica


We’re not sure if this harmonica will really help to chase the blues away, but at the very least, this shiny musical instrument will look pretty dope in a display cabinet.

9) Baseball Bat


You know you’ve hit a home run when you score a baseball bat like this in your stash.

10) Brass Lock


Safeguard your box of Supreme goodies with — what else — a Supreme key lock.

11) Bible Stash Box


Keep your contraband in the unlikeliest place where people would find them — the good ol’ Bible.

12) Salt and Pepper Shaker


A good dose of seasoning just for the peeps who are salty AF.

What else is worthy of being on this list? Shoot us a comment below!

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