Our forecast of Yeezy 2022 sneaker drops

Our forecast of Yeezy 2022 sneaker drops

2022 is here and are so are the Yeezy leaks. Here’s our forecast of the Yeezy 2022 sneaker drop line up.

Our forecast of Yeezy’s 2022 sneaker drops

New year, new leaks. We are well into 2022, and rumors have begun to surface on social media suggesting that Yeezy plans to widen its footwear lineup. Sneakerheads can expect coveted Yeezy models in new colorways and new variants of popular silhouettes. Then there’s also the fact that Ye has been posting Jordan brand logos on his Instagram feed — is Ye being himself or is something cooking at the Yeezy HQ? All we know is the day that Yeezy and Jordan come together will be the day we’ve seen all. Till then, here’s our forecast of the Yeezy sneaker releases in 2022.

Yeezy 350 V2s will be back of course

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The 350 V2 is arguably one of the most popular Yeezy silhouettes, especially with all the hype that surrounded the restock of the iconic ‘Blue Tint’ colorway. According to eBay, a 350 V2 has been sold for as much as US$9,000 and is the second most popular sneaker sold on their platform. The average resale price is also incredibly high, at US$352. No surprise considering the enduring popularity of the silhouette.

As expected, rumors suggest that the 350 V2 will drop in a slew of new colorways — classic white and black colors, and the most eye-catching one yet, a blue marble patterned 350 V2 MX.


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Yeezy 350 V2 CMPCT

Our forecast of Yeezy’s 2022 sneaker drops

The Yeezy 350 V2 gets a major revamp in the form of the CMPCT variant. The CMPCT version features a sock-like construction that now rises up to the ankle. Most notably, the knit pattern, laces and lace eyelets are drastically different, creating a new protruding, textured effect. So far, the CMPCT has dropped in a dark ‘Slate Blue’ colorway. Leaks of the new 350 V2 CMPCT have shown the shoe in a striking ‘Slate Red’ colorway, which is rumored to release in February — perfect timing for Valentine’s Day. 


Yeezy goes bold with the 450

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The Yeezy 450 was first unveiled at Paris Fashion Week 2020. Its unique design caught the attention of many people and even made it to our top sneakers of 2021.

Based on an Instagram leak post by @yzy.archive, the rumored Yeezy 450 is set to return in a mixed blue and silver colorway, giving it a futuristic look. This is unlike any other colorways that Yeezy has created for the 450 silhouette. It seems like Yeezy is going bolder with the colorways in 2022.


Yeezy Foam Rnnr

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First dropped in 2020, the coveted Yeezy Foam Rnnr has been re-released in many colorways, from the classic white to bold red. The recent leak of the Yeezy Foam Rnnr has got everyone talking about it. The sample pair shows a shimmery metallic blue colorway. While there are some mixed feelings about the shoe (or is it a clog?), it sure feels like Yeezy is moving away from its earth-tone inclinations and shifting to more diverse colorways.


Yeezy Knit Rnnr in a new colorway

Our forecast of Yeezy’s 2022 sneaker drops

The Yeezy Knit Rnnr will be back in a new colorway, and thankfully it’s a little more wearable this time. Sneaker store @solepriorities got an early pair of the unreleased “Stone Carbon” Knit Rnnr, which comes with a light brown and black upper — more subtle compared to the shoe’s OG bright yellow colorway.

The ‘Sulfur’ colorway which dropped last year was compared to bruised bananas and even Homer Simpson’s face. A poor combination of colors or memorable? There are always two sides to a coin.

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More Yeezys in general

It’s not just the popular Yeezy silhouettes that are making a comeback in 2022. The brand is also said to be developing more colorways of the Yeezy 1050, slides, and 700. This will expand Yeezy’s offering and, in keeping with Ye’s promise in 2017, makes Yeezy footwear available to all. You can also expect brand new silhouettes to pop up in the coming year. 

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