#24HourAce is One of Gucci’s Biggest Cross-Media Campaign Yet

#24HourAce is One of Gucci’s Biggest Cross-Media Campaign Yet

Gucci’s latest digital project #24HourAce showcases the talent of 19 artists who put their own spin on the Ace sneaker. Read on to find out more.

#24HourAce is another iteration of Gucci’s existing Insta-art series.

Gucci’s latest digital project allows 19 artists to breathe life into the Ace sneaker, a tennis shoe model from the Italian luxury brand. The project utilizes the hashtag #24HourAce and allows for artists to showcase their video creations on Gucci’s Instagram account.

Amongst the participating artists are the likes of Korean longboarder Hyo Joo Ko; contemporary New York-based New Gothic artist Sue de Beer; Norwegian Snapchat star Geeoh Snap; Brazilian street artist Ananda Nahu and Hong Kong director Frank Nitty.

Each artist was asked to create a short film up to 60 seconds in length, with the Ace sneaker as the subject. The videos were then posted on Instagram.

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On top of that, we get a behind-the-scenes look as artists take over Gucci’s Snapchat account to showcase their creations and walk you through their creative process. Their eclectic video styles range from VHS skate videos to video game aesthetics that are nothing short of amazing. These artists are able to utilize their preferred medium to bring these sneakers to life, creating a new spin on brand and artist collaboration.

You can watch a video by Steffen Grap and Karo Rose here:

To understand more about this art initiative by Gucci, visit their microsite for more details.

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