Singapore Female Artists Create Customized Denim Jackets for a Good Cause

Singapore Female Artists Create Customized Denim Jackets for a Good Cause

These customized denim jackets will be exhibited at the ATTAGIRL! 3rd Anniversary Party on July 30th!

In collaboration with Levi’s Singapore, six local artists have put their creative talents to work on customized denim jackets, which will be sold to raise funds for a charitable cause.

Female artists Annuendo, Lovage, Mightyellow, Mrydette, Oak & Bindi and SKL0 have each created their own one-of-a-kind jacket that will be sold on Seamless by Straatosphere from July 13th and displayed at the ATTAGIRL! 3rd Anniversary Party, with all proceeds going towards AG Home, a place where troubled teenage girls in the community can find shelter and care.


“It always is a great idea infusing art into every day objects and in this case, it is a whole range of collaborators involved getting together for a charity,” said Tiffany Tan aka Lovage. “I am definitely for the idea of bringing people together to remind them of what we are capable of achieving.”

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Each artist brought their own style and mediums of application, be it embroidery, paints or patches. The customized denim jackets tell their own unique stories that reflect the thoughts of the artist.


For popular artist Samantha Lo, better known as SKL0, the designs were centered on her concept of “No Regerts”, with the intentional typo and a mix of tattoo-inspired art that injected a slight dose of self-deprecating humor.

“Those tattoos look like obvious mistakes/screw ups, and when you take that concept to life where a lot of shit is done and dusted, we usually just have to live with it,” she said. “And that’s what the design is about. Owning your flaws, your fuck-ups, your mistakes, and just wearing them on your sleeve — literally.”


Lydia Yang (Oak & Bindi), a member of the Tell Your Children collective, painted her jacket to reflect today’s trends in the streetwear scene.

“I took identifiable graphics from advertisements and brands, recreated them and painted them on the jacket,” she said. “The message reflects the kind of bold in your face type advertising, of how some tacky and un-aesthetically pleasing graphics are catching on with low key streetwear brands, as well as high end names such as Vetements.”

For more girl power, swing by the ATTAGIRL! 3rd Anniversary Party, as over 20 DJs, musicians and artists from the region gather for a night like no other.

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