This Friday, 3rd Culture Brewing Co. is Offering S$6 Craft Beers All Night

This Friday, 3rd Culture Brewing Co. is Offering S$6 Craft Beers All Night

12 types of craft beers on tap at S$6 each. What sorcery is this? Find out more. 

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3rd Culture Brewing Co., a craft beer stall located at Maxwell Market, celebrates the launch of its brand new 12-tap draft beer system this Friday, September 2nd. The stall invites Singapore to drink it dry.

Two ways to make this a possibility: Purchase a S$30 ticket which gives you 5 beers (that’s S$6 a beer!) or get a la carte beers at S$8 each. All beers come in 12oz. servings.

On tap are 20 kegs of beer from across 15 craft breweries, they are: Stone Brewing Co., Edge Brewing Barcelona, Hargreaves Hill Brewing Co., Panhead Custom Ales, Modern Times Beer, Heretic Brewing Company, Moon Dog Craft Brewery, BrewDog, Coronado Brewing Co., Rogue Ales, Eight Degrees Brewing, Deschutes Brewery, Holgate Brewhouse, 8 Wired Brewing Co., and Brasserie Craig Allan.

So round up your beer guzzling pals, and we’ll see you at 3rd Culture Brewing Co., strategically located opposite Tian Tian Chicken Rice at Maxwell Market. Beers flow from 5.30pm to 11.30pm.

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More information about 3rd Culture Brewing Co.’s 12-Tap Beermageddon Tastefest Bonanza can be found here.
Tickets can be purchased here

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