Object of Desire: AAA Hip Flask Set

Object of Desire: AAA Hip Flask Set

With this sleek AAA Hip Flask Set, you can be sure to get tipsy in style without drawing too much attention to yourself.

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AAA Hip Flask Set

Why: Made by local label AssembleSG, the AAA (“Awesomely Assembled Alcohol”) Hip Flask Set is designed for dapper gentlemen or hopeless alcoholics out there. It’s the ideal gift for your refined friends who prefer drinking on the sly whenever they’re out bar-hopping.
What else: The set consists of a metallic hip flask, two cup filters and a flask protection pouch. And if you aren’t really into booze, fret not, the metals used to construct the flask can withstand even your daily morning coffee!
Gimme: Get the flask set at Naiise for just S$74.

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