Watch: The Evolution of Tokyo’s Fashion Movements Since 1976

Watch: The Evolution of Tokyo’s Fashion Movements Since 1976

For its 40th anniversary, Japanese streetwear label BEAMS puts together a timeline video highlighting the past four decades of Tokyo’s fashion culture.

From the disco style that took 1979 by storm, to the 1991 grunge movement and the layered military dressing at the turn of the millennium, BEAMS’ Tokyo Culture Story initiative revisits these trends via a new concept video.

A total of 82 iconic fashion looks get their well-deserved screen time in the 5-minute clip, which also contains vocals from the likes of bands and musicians such as Boredoms and tofubeats.

The compilation video doesn’t shy away from listing the brands that headlined each year, along with the style of apparel and music genre that accompanied each movement past and present.

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BEAMS wraps it all up by posing the question “What’s Next?” to the viewer, inviting all to imagine the future of Japan’s fashion scene.

Visit the Tokyo Culture Story website for a detailed look at each fashion movement.

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