5 Epic Drake Team-Ups of All Time

5 Epic Drake Team-Ups of All Time

Drake team-ups are plenty, but here are the ones you really need to pay attention to.

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Drake team-ups have added to the attention given to the Canadian rapper. We look at five collaborators who have left a mark on Drizzy’s career.

1) DJ Khaled

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Drake and DJ Khaled know that good things happen when they work together, which is why they’re frequent collaborators. From 2011’s “I’m On One” to “No New Friends” in 2013, the pair prove that they pack a collective punch. Most recently, Drake featured on Khaled’s latest album, on a track titled “For Free”. Expect more from this duo in time to come.

2) French Montana

If views are any indication, the six million hits that Drake and French Montana’s “No Shopping” music video generated in under a week shows just how potent their combination is. Drake busts out some of his familiar “Hotline Bling” moves, but that doesn’t make him any less cool. These guys have worked together before on “Pop That” and “Stay Schemin”, so rest assured they know what they’re doing.

3) Future

Sharing good taste in music, Drake and Future have also enlisted 2Chainz for their version of “100it Racks”, a single off Esco’s Project E.T. Drake and Future have a solid friendship right there, and it shows up in all their work together, including last year’s “Where Ya At” and 2014’s “DnF”.

4) Rihanna

Rumors of romance continue to swirl around these two, but let’s just talk about their music for now. Rihanna made a guest appearance at Drake’s OVO Fest 2016 just a few days ago, where they performed “Too Good” to the delight of those in attendance. Rewind a couple of months back, where their smash hit “Work” made waves and got fans hot under the collar, and you’ll know that more music’s coming your way from these two.

5) Kanye West

Also popping up at OVO Fest was Kanye West himself, who performed a live version of “Pop Style” with Drake. It didn’t end there, as Kanye hinted at a possible collaboration between himself and Drake, setting the stage for a potential chart-topping album somewhere down the line.

Who’s your favorite Drake collaborator? We wanna know, drop us your comments below!

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