The five must-cop items you want but don’t actually need for a home-office

The five must-cop items you want but don’t actually need for a home-office

Everyone dreams of having their very own home-office, right? Or is it just me.

home-office layout

A modern home-office

Either way, the items on this list would be perfect for anyone looking to get their own homes.

1. Human Made Logo Mug
S$49 at End Clothing

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You might be wondering if paying S$49 for a mug is worth it? Well, it might be if we were to take advice from the adage that says, “One’s coffee tastes better in a beautifully-crafted mug”. Actually, I just made that up. But the point is this mug is a must-cop because of how beautiful it looks. Your coffee might probably taste better in it too.

2. The National Skateboard Co. High Concave 8.375” Skateboard Deck
S$79 at End Clothing

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Honestly, this board serves no purpose other than to make that home-office look nicer from a design standpoint. Mount it or just lay it against a wall on the floor to add more color to the room. Also, this deck is a collaborative piece between The National Skateboard Co. and illustrator Stefan Marx in support of mental health. So, it might actually serve as a reminder as well that life is not always about work and that you should take a break when necessary.

3. Vital Material Neroli Reed Diffuser
S$99 at End Clothing

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Can you see yourself working in a home-office that smells musty? Well, I can’t. If you’re like me, you want a fresh or nice-smelling office you can’t wait to step into. And that’s exactly what this diffuser from Vital Material would do for you. This must-cop will ensure that your room is filled with the wonderful fragrance of sweet orange and neroli.

4. Vitra Jasper Morrison 2004 Cork Family Model A Stool
S$605 at End Clothing

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If you’re setting up a basic home-office, then this stool is definitely not for you. For everyone else, this one-of-a-kind cork stool is the statement piece that will complete your (imaginary) home-office. What’s more, this stool is lightweight and durable, with a comfortable velvety feel. Whether you need more seating to accommodate people for meetings or just want a foot rest, this stool would be perfect for you.

5. Native Union x LA Boite Concept PR-01 Speaker
S$1155 at End Clothing

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After a hard day’s work, you probably want to wind down and take a break. What better way to do that than to sit back and relax to some tunes playing on your home-office speaker. Yes, S$1000 is quite a sum for speakers but then you are getting what you pay for. Designed by audio experts, these vintage-looking speakers offer advanced connectivity and unmatched acoustics, perfect for any home.

Which of these items do you think deserves a place in your home? Let us know in the comments.

Images: End Clothing

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