5 Religious Streetwear and Sportswear Brands

5 Religious Streetwear and Sportswear Brands

Religious streetwear brands? Yup, they exist!

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Curious to learn more about religious streetwear and sportswear labels? Here are 5 brands that caught our eye.

1) Neon Apostle 


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Singapore-based Neon Apostle describes itself to be the first Christian sneaker brand. Founded in August 2017 by Kenneth Yu, a self-proclaimed sneakerhead and Christian, the sneaker company provides a range of Christian-themed casual shoe designs. There are only 199 pairs per design, adding to its exclusivity.

The brand provides both adult and children sneakers – with customers in a number of countries including Australia, United Kingdom, USA, and South Africa, states Neon Apostle’s press release.

Click here for Neon Apostle’s Facebook page.

2) Active Faith 


Active Faith is a Christian sportswear apparel company providing premium apparel, accessories, and performance tights. Founded in 2010, the activewear label aims to inspire people to be active both in faith and exercise. Most products feature faith-filled slogans such as “blessed” and “faith over fear”.

Athletes supporting the brand include Stephen Curry and James Harden. Active Faith is currently sold at all Family Christian stores, a retailer with 250 stores in America.

Click here for Active Faith’s Facebook page.

3) Sukoon Active 

Sukoon Active is a Muslim-owned activewear label that caters to hijab-wearing Muslim women. The brand devotes most of its attention to crafting sweat and odor resistant hijabs. The label has been featured on a number of websites including Forbes and Allure.

Click here for Sukoon Active’s Facebook page.

4) Yhuwdah 

Yhuwdah, pronounced “Judah”, is a Christian streetwear company with branches in Texas and Kuwait. The label aims to inspire customers, as well as spread the word of God.

In addition to streetwear, the brand also creates activewear under its Yhuwdah FIT line which includes sports bras and leggings. The brand is currently planning to launch sports bags and children’s clothing (image below).

Click here for Yhuwdah’s Facebook page.

5) 5ivepillars 

Despite being credited as a religious fashion label, 5ivepillars’ describes itself as a brand that merges Eastern aesthetic with Western fashion. With a passion for streetwear and Islamic fashion, founder Farukkh Ershad began the company in June 2012.

The brand features a range of apparel such as t-shirts and outerwear with both religious and non-religious messages. Today, Ershad’s online store ships to a number of countries including Europe, America, United Kingdom, Asia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Click here for 5ivepillars’ Facebook page.

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