5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Loyle Carner, KODAMA, Felix Jaehn, Lucia & Shakka

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Loyle Carner, KODAMA, Felix Jaehn, Lucia & Shakka

Following the success of our recent SIDETRACK event, here’s some good music to vibe to while you’re on that Lightroom grind. This week features a mix of Loyle Carner, KODAMA, Felix Jaehn, Lucia and Shakka.

1) Loyle Carner ft. Kwes, “Florence”

“Florence” is a b-side of Loyle Carner’s single, “Tierney Terrace”. Having been touted as the one to watch in the UK rap scene (with Joey Bada$$ as a fan and Kate tempest as a tour mate, no less) its no surprise that this rapper is on to big things. “Florence”, featuring Carner’s witty alliteration laid above distinct, soft chords courtesy of Kwes, is inspired by Carner’s desire for a little sister. Sentimental and absolutely swoon-worthy – ladies you better take note.

2) KODAMA, “Hedgehog Basecap Candy Bench”

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Berlin-based model, Ringo Lukas has finally released his mixtape that he’s been working on since 2014 to the masses, and it’s every bit worth the wait. Classified under the genre “dream pop,” the standout track is “Hedgehog Basecap Candy Bench”, featuring film skits from Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom.

3) Felix Jaehn ft. Linying & Freddy Verano, “Shine”

No ordinary feel-good song, “Shine” takes it to the next level with sounds of the saxaphone over funky basslines and the addictive loops of Linying’s sultry voice. “Shine” is a nice twist to the dance music genre, and is essentially summer in a track.

4) Lucia, “Silence”

Last week, we brought you the rich, haunting vocals of Tom Odell, and this week we present the female equivalent. Lucia Maria Popescu, who was only 17 years of age when she recorded “Silence” in 2012, enjoyed mainstream success in her hometown of Romania soon after. The song features deep piano layers alongside her clear, expressive vocals and it’s absolutely breathtaking.

5) Shakka, “When Will I See You Again (AMTRAC Remix)”

Another debut track comes from Shakka. The original song is a fun, jauntily layered track with clear vocals and reggae undertones. The emotional lyrics were paired with an upbeat tune, but in this remix by Amtrac, Shakka’s production has been stripped off; and the result is something mellower and subdued.

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