5 Tracks for this Week’s Grind: Music from Stwo, Go Yama, A$AP Rocky and More

5 Tracks for this Week’s Grind: Music from Stwo, Go Yama, A$AP Rocky and More

Tracks we can’t stop listening to no matter how hard we try. This week’s picks include music from Kehlani, Go Yama, Vendetta, A$AP Rocky and Chance.

1) “Runnin'”, Kehlani (Stwo Remix)

Kehlani has got mad flow, and we already know, but in this remixed version of “Runnin'”, Stwo gives the track punch – much in the same way he elevated BANKS’ hit, “Drowning”. This track’s status: On loop.

2) “Spazzkid”, Go Yama

Two weeks ago, Go Yama graced Singapore with his presence by playing at the Rdio Asia launch of “DTW AIRWAVES” (a curated label session), and it was pretty spectacular. Go Yama, also known as Scooter Oyama, is an energetic performer and an accomplished musician; he whips out his guitar every now and then during a live set and it never fails to impress.

3) Ain’t Nobody (Clare Maguire Cover), Vendetta

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Chill vibes for the sunsets and night drives, check out Vendetta’s latest track. Can’t get enough? Make sure you catch her live performance at the ATTAGIRL! 2nd Anniversary Party.


4) “L$D”, A$AP Rocky

“L$D”, or “Love, $ex, Dreams”, is Pretty Flacko’s latest single from his latest studio album A.L.L.A (At Long Last A$AP). The track (and the album as a whole) represents a stylistic shift from A$AP’s earlier music, a result of a widely reported experimentation with hallucinogens. Not surprisingly, “L$D” is accompanied by a trippy music video starring Yoon of Ambush Design as A$AP Rocky’s object of desire.

5) “Home Studio (Back Up In This Bitch)”, Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment

The moment Chance The Rapper drops a verse there’s no mistaking him and his distinct voice and unique style of rap. Young Chano produced “Home Studio” at his new home studio in celebration of said new home studio. Hey, there’s no telling when inspiration strikes.

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