5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Alessia Cara, Honne, Anechois, Jackson Hale and LunchMoney Lewis

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Alessia Cara, Honne, Anechois, Jackson Hale and LunchMoney Lewis

Take a breather this dreary Tuesday by tuning in to our selection of chill-out jams. This week, we bring you tracks from Alessia Clara, LunchMoney Lewis, Jackson Hale, Honne and Anechois.

1) Alessia Cara, “Here (Mickey Valen Remix)”

This might just be the perfect anti-partying song for the loners, wallflowers and people who just don’t give a damn about a lame hang-out. Alessia spares no scathing remark about the insufferable gits at these parties in this track, all delivered in her sweet vocals with the strength of a potential powerhouse diva.

The original track is backed with a minor-key piano loop and gives off a lounge-soul vibe, but with this remix, Mickey Valen gives it a darker undertone, with inter-looping future bass and synths that follow up soon after in a way that only he is able to deliver with his deft mixing.

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2) Honne, “Loves The Jobs You Hate”

These English lads mostly dabble in electronic-soul tunes, but “Loves The Jobs You Hate” seems to downplay the musicality and instead focuses on the lyrical delivery. This song is a funky affair bemoaning the frustrations and limitations of modern life, all wrapped up in upbeat tunes that makes you want to get up from your office desk and dance.

3) Anechois, “Your Absence Is Permanent”

Post-rock band Anechois presents their rhythmic soundscape alongside Myn’s delicate vocals, revealing a softer, more feminine side to this song. “Your Absence is Permanent” is a track that’s a tad longer than usual, with the vocals kicking in only two-thirds into the song, but trust us, your patience will pay off.

4) Jackson Hale, “No Pressure (Demo)”

Who doesn’t love a good-looker with a good tune? Jackson Hale got off to a strong start in the modeling industry, scoring shows with the likes of Alexander McQueen, Burberry and even fronting a Topshop campaign upon his debut. His mixed Indian, Trinidadian and English heritage means he’s been well-exposed to a myriad cultures, art and music, and it shows in his work.

Jackson started experimenting and making his own tunes only a couple months ago, releasing demos on his SoundCloud frequently under the “Garbled” moniker. While there is no doubt an experimental, progressive sound throughout his tracks, we look forward to his future creations. Who knows, his tracks might just make it onto the revered runway playlist someday.

5) LunchMoney Lewis ft. Chloe Angelides, “Whip It!”

This feel-good track is perfect for brightening up the dull, hazy days that we’ve all been going through. The cover of Dazz Band’s “Let It Whip” takes cheeriness to a whole new level, all the more with LunchMoney Lewis rapping his verses over a bouncy tune, and Chloe Angelides going all out on the chorus.

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