5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: D’Angelo, Cam the Mac, Gosh Pith and More

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: D’Angelo, Cam the Mac, Gosh Pith and More

This week’s list contains a mix of major throwbacks and fresh drops that will wind up as new favorites on your playlists in no time.

1) D’Angelo, “Spanish Joint (Kero One Remix)”

We kick things off with an updated version of the D’Angelo classic, “Spanish Joint”, brought to you by Kero One. The maestro hardly needs any introduction, given that he’s been constantly putting in good work since 2007. This remix has synths and bass thrown in to complement the overall vibe of the song and jazz up an otherwise mellow track.

2) Cam the Mac ft. Mackned, “Freaking Out”

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This duo from Seattle make for a really moody pair, probably due to the perpetually gloomy weather over there. Their music is something Tumblr users would love, with spaced out sounds accompanied by jarring beats. This song was apparently recorded while Cam was on house arrest, which pretty much explains the underlying impatience felt throughout the whole song.

3) Gosh Pith, “Gold Chain”

Gosh Pith describes their song as “a ratchet love song about the constant conflict between the meaningful and the meaningless”, and they’re totally spot-on. This track isn’t your typical R&B; it’s stripped down even more. The minimal addition of the electric guitar and beats result in a slick masterpiece that you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

4) Samuel Proffitt ft. Khai, “Never The Same”

If you’re residing in a country that offers no snow, fret not, because this slow-moving track is sure to give you a brief respite from the sweltering summer. The gripping piano keys, buttery-smooth vocals and thrum of the bass over a steady tempo could very well leave you feeling much more relaxed on a busy day like this.

5) Bryson Tiller, “Exchange (Oshea Remix)

Bryson Tiller is probably one of the notable young artists this year, especially with the success of his album, Trapsoul. This track is one of the crowd favorites, with its spacey soundscape featuring Tiller wistfully thinking about a past relationship. The remix slows down and speeds up at all the right parts, and we are 100% down for the ride.

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