5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Steelix, Petit Biscuit, Billie Eilish and More

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Steelix, Petit Biscuit, Billie Eilish and More

So the year ends tomorrow; whether you’re rushing about in preparations to get turnt or preparing a list of New Year resolutions, here’s a neat little mix to get you by.

1) Blonde feat. Alex Newell, “All Cried Out”

Coming from the sunniest parts of U.K., this Brit duo makes cheery tunes fit for a daytime disco by the beach. The vocals of Alex Newell, paired with the distinct piano beats, result in this feel-good summer song that will keep you grinning from ear to ear as you ring in the new year. We just wish the track was a tad longer.

2) Steelix, “Lay It Down”

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Sampling Lloyd’s “Lay It Down” is Steelix, a young up-and-coming producer from Detroit. He amps up the song and adds in his mix of electronic beats to keep the tempo swinging. The introductory bit is ever so subtle and pretty neat too, as the music does a slow, continuous spin around the listener.

3) Petit Biscuit, “Memories”

Known for repetitive high-pitched vocals and a masterful hand at instrumentals, French producer Petit Biscuit doesn’t just have a cool moniker, but is deft at making tunes fit for the weekend as well. The song starts with vocals that are looped throughout, with crisp instrumentals that are weaved in to prevent any monotony from setting in.

4) Billie Eilish, “Ocean Eyes (Blackbear Remix)”

Billie Eilish has been known to have singing abilities comparable to Lana Del Rey, but instead of the slow, haunting thrum that Lana is known for, Billie’s voice has acquired a sense of sadness that’s overshadows her tender age of 13. The remix layers up the track, enhancing the dreamy quality with electronic sounds that add to the subtle, groovy soundscape.

5) Vanilla, “Nana”

Vanilla is one elusive producer who definitely needs to grace the world with more beats. This song, which happens to be the first in his Soundcloud account, comes from his spanking new 17-track EP, Origin, which was released completely out of the blue. We’d very much like a part two please, but till then, we’ll be jamming to his medley of jazz, funk, slow tunes and lit beats.

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