5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Years & Years, Ta-Ku & Jaden Smith, and Jay Park

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Years & Years, Ta-Ku & Jaden Smith, and Jay Park

We’ve put together a couple tracks for you to zone out to this week including music from Years & Years, Vallis Alps, Jay Park and an unlikely duo – Ta-Ku and Jaden Smith.

1) Years & Years, “Without”

We finally took the time to listen to Years & Years’ album, Communion, and “Without” is our favorite track by far, though worthy mentions go out to club-hit “King” and the eerily addictive super metaphorical “Real”. In this track, lead singer Olly Alexander delivers a soft and pretty lyrical mix of post break-up emotions with his dreamy vocals. Turn this song up on a rainy day and try holding back your sniffles. Trust us, it’s not going to be easy. 

2) Vallis Alps, “Young”

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Vallis Alps is an Australian-based music duo and in this track, they serve up some gorgeous lyrics paired with Parissa’s drowsy, delicate vocals and mixed with an almost nostalgic soundscape. Have fun looping this over and over, because this track begs for never-ending playtime in your head.

3) Ta-Ku & Jaden Smith, “BEAST MODE”

Having been featured on a Soulection show just last night, Jaden’s musical journey continues to surprise and impress. “BEAST MODE”, a three-track collaboration in a single cut, is one of Smith’s best works yet. He delivers some intense bars over complex and layered beats from Ta-Ku’s 50 Days for Dilla. Most noteworthy is the fact that Smith was only 15 when he recorded this EP, and boy did he have mad range and flow for a teen. All that coupled with Ta-Ku’s mix of flutes, harps and pianos makes this track one heck of a smooth ride. 

4) Jay Park, Dumbfoundead & Clara C, “Clouds”

Fans of Jay Park know damn well he was in Singapore yesterday for a Coach event. While the man is known for his slick R&B style and occasional club bangers, “Clouds” is a major throwback from his work back in the States. He teamed up with a fellow rapper Dumbfoundead (yes, the same one featured in the “It G Ma” remix) and YouTube songstress Clara Chung to deliver this mellow track. The thumping beat and Clara’s haunting voice pairs well with their rhyme pattern and lyrics. If you’re having a down day, tune in to this one now. 

5) Jessie Ware, “Champagne Kisses”

We’d like to raise a glass to this romantic track we can’t get enough of. Perfect for a summer’s day, this song weaves between bass and beat, melting into a dizzying, heady mix of Jessie’s high-range vocals and electro synths. The song exudes an 80’s feel, while the music video itself is amazingly abstract and pretty to boot. 

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