5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Rina Sawayama, Charlie Lim, Tunji Ige and More

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Rina Sawayama, Charlie Lim, Tunji Ige and More

Rina Sawayama, Charlie Lim, Tunji Ige are just some of our music picks for this week’s grind. Sit back, plug in and enjoy.

1) Rina Sawayama, “Where U Are”

Former Cambridge graduate Rina Sawayama brings us a heady mix of twinkling R&B that’s a touch lounge, balanced out with a 70s soul that develops into something that keeps undulating and transforming as the song goes on. The London-based creative has been influenced by J-pop and R&B. It would surprise you to know that this track is actually a remake of The Jackson 5’s “I Wanna Be Where You Are.” We’re keeping this lady on our radar for sure.

2) Charlie Lim, “Nothing More Cruel (Intriguant Remix)”

Charlie Lim might just be our own version of Gallant. With his emotionally fragile words threaded into the heavy soundscape of the track, it’s hard not to fall under his spell. In this remix brought to you by producer Intriguant (Louis Quek), the song’s essence is switched up and flipped, while retaining the smooth, Alt-R&B vibe of the original track. The synths and loops keep this song light and fluid, and Intriguant’s dynamic production ensures that this tune will be a constant replay in our heads.

3) deDunamis, “Peaks”

deDunamis is a musician from San Diego, California, with a penchant for the unique and abstract. With smooth vibes, great production and a soundscape featuring string falls and pianos, it’s no wonder this track has been gaining a steady increase of plays on SoundCloud even though it dropped only 10 days ago.

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4) Unexotic, “rooftop garden”

Unexotic’s profile states that he usually dabbles in hip-hop instrumentals, future trap and future house. This track however, takes away from those influences and instead encompasses the light, wavy vibes of chill trap with accompanying clapsnares that adds just the right amount of kick.

5) Tunji Ige, “On My Grind”

Tunji Ige has definitely achieved way more than any average 20-year-old. At his young age, he has already released an EP, played at SXSW and is working on an album as we speak. “On My Grind” is a track that represents his latest EP, which is full of electronic influences, vocal warping and production work reminiscent to Kanye West and Travis Scott. The track features a layered, drawn out hook that strings you along as the vocal sample comes out to play.

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Tira Lee is Straatosphere’s resident aux cord heaux. She’s in-charge of pulling together nifty mixes each week to spread dope tracks and good vibes to the public. In her free time, she partakes in something distressingly referred to as academia and often experiences an existential crisis of sorts. She’s also paid to put pretty clothes on pretty people sometimes.

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