A Guide to Accessing All of Netflix’s Content, While You Can

A Guide to Accessing All of Netflix’s Content, While You Can

This guide will show you how to get your money’s worth on the popular streaming service before it stops third parties from bypassing its regional restrictions.


So Netflix is now available in many countries around the world, Singapore included. But having an account doesn’t mean you get to watch all the shows you want, as some content is geo-restricted to certain regions. Case in point: House of Cards and Breaking Bad, both of which are hit TV shows, are unavailable in Singapore.

But in this age of hacks and workarounds, help is never too far away. Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are readily available and work by masking your IP address. They allow you to access sites which are usually blocked, though this usually entails having a lower bandwidth which leads to slower video streaming speeds.

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Here’s a comparison of how much more unlocked content can be accessed by UnoTelly (Image via Filmefy)

A more viable option is to use a service like UnoTelly, which uses a two-prong approach through both a Domain Name Server (DNS) and VPN to keep one’s connection private while patching through to unlocked regional content at the same time.

Confused? Don’t be. Think of VPN as a passport that lets you travel anywhere in the world, and DNS as a ticket that lets you visit all the theme parks around the globe and enjoy all the attractions.

Netflix is clamping down on such services, but if you insist on watching all its content before such measures kick in, follow these steps:

1) Sign up for a Netflix US account


It’s important to have a Netflix US account, not one that’s Singapore based, to access the full suite of entertainment content. Use a free browser extension like ZenMate to gain access to Netflix’s US website and register an account.

2) Change your DNS Settings


Head to UnoTelly’s website, sign up for an account and pick the device you wish to access Netflix on. Follow the easy instructions on how to change your DNS settings and you’ll be on your way to enjoying all the content. UnoTelly is free for eight days, and only costs US$4.95 a month thereafter.

This is your best bet to having a wealth of content at your fingertips, at least till Netflix obtains licensing to carry more content in each region.

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