A Guide to Surviving New Year’s Eve

A Guide to Surviving New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is just a day away. You’re at a loss because you don’t want to spend it like last year’s (see: wasted, broke, and hungover, in that order) but you still wanna go out for a good time. Well fear the beer no more, because we’ve got you covered.

1) Drink, drank, drunk but with no drama

New Year

Parties usually start earlier on New Year’s Eve since everyone wants to be on time for the countdown. And since everyone’s probably going to start heading in a good two hours before midnight, expect the clubs to be fully packed by the time you decide to come. This means the chances of getting the bartender to notice you, amongst many (scantily-clad) others, are pretty slim. The only way around this is to get sufficiently buzzed prior to hitting the clubs, and that means the age-old, frat boy practice of pre-gaming.

Now here are some tips on how to get boozed down without getting kidnapped by the tequila fairy (which usually ends with you drunk-giggling in the shower and your friends going to the club without your inebriated presence).

Firstly, you should never drink on an empty stomach. We’re going for “Socially Acceptable Drunk”, not “Wailing About Your Ex Drunk”. That being said, don’t overeat either. That upsized McDonald’s meal you wolfed down probably won’t taste as good coming back up.

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Prior to leaving the house, try to get some Vitamin C in you; it can be in the form of orange juice or even Redoxon. It’s been said that Vitamin C helps to combat your impending hangover by speeding up the metabolism of alcohol in your liver.

Okay, now you’re set for a night out. You’ve gotten pre-drinks, and you’re probably gonna want to try get a drink in the club by squeezing your way into the bar area. We’re not trying to sound like a nagging mum but please, don’t mix your drinks. Haven’t you heard of the quote, “beer before liquor, never been sicker”? Trust us, you don’t want to end up like the dudes on this Instagram account.

2) Making your way downtown

New Year

It’s going to be a long night ahead, so you are going to want to be smart about club-hopping. Read our countdown party guide to check out the Facebook pages of all your favorite haunts for updates. Sign up for as many guestlists as you can because we all know the dreary pain of having to wait in line, especially in this humid climate.

It’s wise to start from the club furthest away from your crib and work your way back. This is because we’re banking on you getting progressively more drunk with each club, and you’d much rather be throwing up by the road outside your house than somewhere across the country, right?

Also, since it’s a long night, perhaps it’d be wiser to skip your brand new Yeezys and opt for something you won’t mind potentially getting vomit on. A look at our trend guide will help you narrow down your outfit choices.

3) Don’t splash the cash

New Year

Nights out in Singapore are extremely expensive; just a normal Saturday night can rack up quite a hefty amount on your credit card statement. Limit your spending in the club by leaving your cards at home, and pay for drinks in cash instead. If you’re running low then you can always try to charm the person next to you at the bar into buying you a shot. We’re sure the post-Christmas cheer is still within them (and their wallets.)

And when you’re done for the night, gather round your mates and split a ride home. Out alone? You can always opt for UberPool or GrabShare, and maybe even make some new friends while in transit. It’s always nice to spend New Year’s amongst people you actually like, if only for an hour.

4) Actually surviving the countdown

New Year

Okay see here, by the time midnight comes round, everyone’s probably sh*tfaced, and bad decisions are bound to happen. When the clock strikes twelve, don’t impulsively make out with your best friend, or her boyfriend. You’ve spent hours scouring Tinder for a good reason, so keep your date close. No potential kisses to ring in the new year?  It’s really much safer to dip into a grimy cubicle and call your parents to wish them a happy 2017 and that you’ll try your best to put your degree to good use next year. Keyword: try.

5) Beat the hangover (or at least most of it)

New Year

It’s probably four in the morning by the time you make it home. Congratulations, you survived the night! But it’s not over, not till you get through the first day of the new year without a pounding hangover. Prep your usual hangover cure before knocking out, because let’s be real, the earliest we’re looking at waking up is after noon. Drinking a warm glass of water also helps to calm your head as well as replenish the fluids you lost, because as we all know, alcohol is very dehydrating.

That just about wraps up our guide to surviving New Year’s Eve. Got your own tips and tricks to share? Leave a comment below.

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