Action Bronson Demonstrates Eating with a Beard

Action Bronson Demonstrates Eating with a Beard

Got a massive beard? Here’s rapper Action Bronson’s guide to eating with a beard and keeping it clean.



Not many Asian homies have been blessed with genes that enable the growth of a full-fledged beard like the one Queens rapper Action Bronson sports, but for the few lucky ones that do, here’s a tried-and-tested video guide by Bronson himself.

Produced by Nylon, the video is a detailed instructional on keeping your beard clean while eating a variety of food from noodles to hamburgers.

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It’s only natural that Bronson would be an authority on food and how to eat seeing as to how he was a chef before becoming an MC. He also hosted his own food show on Vice‘s MUNCHIES titled “Fuck, That’s Delicious”.

Bronson released his major label debut, Mr. Wonderful, in March this year.

For all the beard-bearers out there, hit us up in the comments sections if you have additional tips on how you save your beard from food.

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