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Sneakers Published: October 5, 2017 Updated: February 19, 2019  |  WORDS: Hana Kim

No Double Happiness: These Chinese New Year NMDs are Pissing Redditors Off

The Chinese New Year NMDs have fallen flat on some Adidas fans.

Featured image: Reddit/ Chinesestirfrank

Adidas Fans Left Unimpressed with the Latest "Chinese New Year" NMD-adidas-chinese-new-year-nmd-2018--%media_decription

Fans are angry at the Adidas “Chinese New Year” NMD for what they perceive as a misuse of traditional symbols.

The Chinese New Year NMDs, an exclusive release, will come dressed in a white knit upper along with red graphic symbols on its heel. Only 600 pairs of the sneakers are due to launch early 2018.

Some Reddit users have summed this shoe up as Adidas “milking dust from a dry cow”. Others are more specific – they point out that the Double Happiness symbol printed on the shoe heel is used specifically in Chinese wedding ornaments and paraphernalia, i.e., not suited for a Chinese New Year release.

Cop these five collaboration sneakers at (or near) retail price now

Adidas hasn’t responded to the criticism, but do you think the brand dropped the ball on the Chinese New Year NMDs? Let us have your thoughts in comments below.

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