News Published: August 7, 2018 Updated: August 10, 2018  |  WORDS: Staff

New Adidas online ballot program could be the brand’s answer to deterring bots and resellers

Twitter user @theyeezymafia claims that the new Adidas online ballot program will be the brand’s answer to ensuring fairer releases.

Fans have described the program as being similar to Nike’s SNKRS app.

According to Twitter user @theyeezymafia, Adidas will introduce a new system to help combat both bots and resellers where it comes to buying limited releases online.

The new system will require customers to create a verified Adidas club account with an SMS verification system. According to @theyeezymafia, the webpage will sport a similar interface as the Adidas Confirmed app.

These are pure speculations as Adidas has yet to confirm @theyeezymafia’s claims, though it must be said that @theyeezymafia is known for its accurate Yeezy-related leaks.

Fans are skeptical about the efficiency of Adidas’ new bot/reseller-combating system, since the app is similar to Nike’s SNKRS app, which has not always been a fool-proof method of deterring resellers or bots.

But is there a fool-proof way of dealing with resellers and bots? It seems brands and stores can only try.

Do you think that SMS verification is enough to deter both resellers and bots? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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