Adidas Originals Daniëlle Cathari Collection Launches in Singapore on May 5

Adidas Originals Daniëlle Cathari Collection Launches in Singapore on May 5

adidas Originals and Daniëlle Cathari collaborate for a sportswear-inspired womenswear collection.adidas originals danielle cathari launches in singapore

The Adidas Originals Daniëlle Cathari sportswear-inspired womenswear collection will be releasing in Singapore on May 5. The collection takes on Adidas Originals classics and have made them modern. 

Dutch designer, Daniëlle Cathari, infuses her signature style by deconstructing and reconstructing classic Adidas Originals elements while playing with contrasts. She reimagines the iconic three-stripe silhouettes with new shapes and exaggerated proportions. Inspired by the ’90s and early noughties era of sportswear, Cathari also explores the idea of uniforms and matching sets.

The collection comprises matching sets of crop tops and shorts, bra tops and parachute pants, as well as a sporty but sweet dress. Cathari incorporates the bold and iconic Adidas colors – blue and lemon yellow – alongside pale peach and sunny yellows, making the collection perfect for the summer.

Here are some of our favorite items from the collection:

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Cop the second installation of the Adidas Originals Daniëlle Cathari collection this Saturday, available exclusively at adidas Orginals Pacific Plaza (#01-09/12 Pacific Plaza).

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