Yandhi might not have arrived yet, but at least we’re getting new Yeezys

Yandhi might not have arrived yet, but at least we’re getting new Yeezys

The Adidas Yeezy Holiday 2018 collection drops have been revealed and what we know is that we’re getting three shoes for the season.

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Update: October 18, 6.30pm (Singapore time)

Limited Edt will be releasing the Yeezy Boost 700 V1 “Mauve” soon, retailing at S$450. Stay tuned for more updates on the release details.

Kanye has been teasing tons of new Yeezys lately but has yet to release information on any of them. Today, we finally get official images of the upcoming sneakers: a color update on the Yeezy 700 Wave Runner, a V2 of the Wave Runner, and a new Yeezy 500 colorway.

It really is Ye season. From performing on SNL as a water bottle to changing his name to just “Ye”, we now also get three new sneakers from Kanye West. All three, which have been seen on the feet of Ye himself, are part of the Adidas Yeezy Holiday 2018 collection: a mauve colorway of the Wave Runner V1, the Wave Runner V2, and a Salt colorway of the Yeezy 500.

The tonal Salt Yeezy 500 comes in a light grey hue that covers the leather and suede while slight contrasts can be seen on the mesh and suede panels near the eyelets. This all sits atop the adiPrene cushioned sole that we have seen in all the past colorways.

We weren’t sure whether Kanye was going to jump straight to the V2 of the Wave Runner or drop other colorways of the V1 first. He was seen interchanging between wearing the mauve V1 and the Triple White V2 but safe to say, we are going to be getting both sneakers.

The mauve Wave Runner V1 will come in a primarily brown and black upper. This sits atop a chiseled brown outsole with some green accents. A gum sole nicely ties the whole shoe together. We understand why this sneaker first got nicknames such as “Avocado” and “Kiwi” when images of the shoe first popped up.

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Alterations have been made to the upper of the Yeezy Boost 700 V2, or the Wave Runner V2, but it retains the same chiseled midsole as the V1. The new upper is made of a light mesh material with leather overlays and a taped panel that runs right through the middle of the sneaker completes the look.

The mauve Yeezy 700 v1 will drop on October 27 and will retail at US$300, while the Yeezy 500 “Salt” will have a retail price of US$200 and will drop sometime in November. There is no information on a release date or retail price for the Wave Runner v2 but stay posted here for updates.

What do you think of the new sneakers from the Adidas Yeezy Holiday 2018 collection? Which pair are you looking to cop? Let us know in the comments. 

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