Adobe is Pulling the Plug on Flash in 2020

Adobe is Pulling the Plug on Flash in 2020

Adobe is killing Flash (the software) once and for all in 2020.

Adobe is kissing Flash goodbye for good

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Adobe plans to remove all support for Flash by the end of 2020.

Websites that use Flash will continue to work through 2020, but they will cease to operate once the software’s life ends, according to a statement by Adobe.

The Flash Player, once a popular tool for web development, has become more of a hindrance in recent years. Besides slowing down Internet browsers, it was also a major security risk to computer users.

In fact, the problems were so bad that Apple’s Steve Jobs wrote a long rant in 2010, highlighting the many shortcomings of the Flash Player.

Instead of Flash, most web browsers currently support a variety of open web formats, like HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript. In addition, they also disabled Flash and made it a default option for users.

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Until the plug is finally pulled, Adobe will be working with partners such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft to help content creators migrate to these better performing formats.

To learn more, visit Adobe.

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