Alchemist Beer Lab Quenches a Thirst for Infused Beers

Alchemist Beer Lab Quenches a Thirst for Infused Beers

The Alchemist Beer Lab serves some seriously thirst quenching infusion beers and some really good chicken wings.

The Alchemist Lab in Singapore serves infusion beers and bites

The Alchemist Beer Lab, brought to you by the same folks behind Little Island Brewing Co. (LIBC), offers eight types of infusion beers alongside some of LIBC’s classics.

Infusion beers are not a newfangled innovation, but the beers at Alchemist Beer Lab at South Beach Singapore are infused in beer towers (you won’t miss them) that are said to “utilize a progressive and cutting edge system”. First, the ingredients to be infused are introduced into the beer tower before compressed gas is released into it; only then is the beer injected into the mix. According to Alchemist Beer Lab, this process helps maximize flavor extraction, while keeping the infused beer fresh.

We’re no experts in beer infusions, but if our tastebuds don’t betray us, it’s true that the beer infusions at Alchemist Beer Lab are indeed flavorful. Our favorite of the eight are the summery and moscato-like 50 Shades of Pink (cider, pink guava), and two others with a whole lot of bite: Obama (stout, marshmallow, vanilla pod, mint leaves) and Hopdog (lager, cascade hops). Served on tap, the cold beer infusions are seriously thirst quenching and delicious.

There’s another reason why the beer infusions are so good. And that’s because each is made with beers from Alchemist Beer Lab’s older sibling, Little Island Brewing Co. (LIBC), a microbrewery in Changi. Helmed by Brew Master, Steve Spinney, an expert on beer in Asia and winner of three consecutive Gold Awards at the Asian Beer Competition for his “Storm Beer” creation, the brews coming out of LIBC are good stuff.

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Francis Khoo, Managing Director of Alchemy Beer lab and LIBC, told us that the good beer both establishments pump out is a result of chemistry. He first met Steve three years ago in Bali while scuba diving. “We struck up a relationship, and they say the rest is history,” said Francis.

Alchemist Beer Lab: Sticky Thai Chicken Wings

So good: Sticky Thai Chicken Wings is part of a tapas-style menu that is available from 3pm-10pm

If infused beers are not your thing, there are eight other brews on tap to choose from. The options span ales, ciders, lagers and stouts. Of the lot, Sister Golden Ale stands out as a bright, tasty and failsafe option.

Offered through a tapas-style menu, the food at Alchemist Beer Lab is also on point. Think bar bites, but elevated. Don’t miss the Sticky Thai Chicken Wings for the world. The Slow Cooked Pork Cheeks trails in a close second.

With a microbrewery and an infusion lab under his belt, “What next?”, we ask Francis. He lets us in on plans to explore overseas franchise options to expand the Alchemist Beer Lab brand.

Meanwhile, he hopes the Singapore government could go easy on the tax structure. “It’s one of the things that could be a real game changer – to allow various kinds of alcoholic beverages such as ciders and kombucha, to be brewed without too much hindrance,” he said.

Alchemist Beer Lab is located at #B1-16 South Beach. The Infused Taps come in 470ml glasses, while the Regular Taps come in 330ml glasses. Beers are priced at S$12 from 12pm-7pm; S$15 from 7pm to closing. Evening tapas are priced between S$9 to S$28.

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