Sneaks & Snacks Philippines, a Speakeasy for Sneakerheads

Sneaks & Snacks Philippines, a Speakeasy for Sneakerheads

Sneaks & Snacks was established in October this year by a small group of Singapore and Philippines-based sneakerheads.


Think speakeasy, but for sneakerheads. Sneaks & Snacks is where sneakerheads can grab a burger, enjoy a pint, talk, and even trade sneakers.

The burger bar with a sneaker store within is located at Level 3, 80 Maginhawa Street, Quezon City, Philippines. And conveniently so, too, since Maginhawa Street is known as a foodies’ haven.

Sneaks & Snacks Philippines is located on Maginhawa Street, a foodies' haven

Sneaks & Snacks Philippines, a sneaker themed burger bar

We got in touch with the Sneaks & Snacks team that told us its raison d’etre is that “apart from collecting and rocking a pair of kicks, sneakerheads also love to meet up, hangout and eat” and it hopes Sneaks & Snacks will be a spot for sneakerheads to “connect and collect”.

While the main order of business is the food and drinks, Sneaks & Snacks also allows sneakerheads to conduct sneaker trades at the bar. Think speakeasy, but for sneakerheads

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Sneaks & Snacks Philippines: King Le Prawn Pasta

King Le Prawn Pasta: Food names are themed around iconic sneakers

Even the food is named after iconic sneaker models. The baby back ribs and ribeye are part of the “Primemeat” selection, there’s a shrimp pasta dubbed “King Le Prawn” and one of six signature burgers is called “Cheezy Boost”.

While Sneaks & Snacks will undoubtedly be a hot spot for sneakerheads to convene, the team tells us, “Everyone is welcome, collectors, resellers, and non-sneaker fans too.”

For updates, keep up with Sneaks & Snacks on Facebook. 

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