Alipay Tests New Smile to Pay Technology in China

Alipay Tests New Smile to Pay Technology in China

With online payment platform Alipay, you can now pay for a KFC meal in China just by smiling.

Alipay has launched a new facial recognition payment system at a KFC restaurant in China, where customers can smile to pay.

Created by Alibaba subsidiary, Ant Financial, the facial recognition technology takes two seconds to scan a customer’s face.

It makes use of a 3D camera and “live-ness detection algorithm” to combat fraud. In addition, customers must also input their handphone number as a second form of authentication.

This new payment system is demonstrated in the video above.

It shows the machine accurately recognizing the facial features of a young woman. The machine is smart enough to recognize her even as she puts on different appearances, which includes different makeup styles and wigs.

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As we move towards cashless transactions, smile to pay might be the next big thing in a city near you.

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