Watch: Kilas and Spazspazspaz of RSCLS in a Mural Painting Timelapse Video

Watch: Kilas and Spazspazspaz of RSCLS in a Mural Painting Timelapse Video

The Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2018, which takes place January 20, is just around the corner once again! Kilas and Spazspazspaz of RSCLS have started the ball rolling with this epic mural.

Kilas (Zahir Sanosi) and Spazspazspaz (Laurie Maravilla) of urban art collective RSCLS bring color to the walls of the Aliwal Arts Centre.

The mural, painted onto the wall of the back of Aliwal Arts Centre, took the artists a total of seven hours to paint.

Kilas and Spazspazspaz are part of the art crew, RSCLS, which has taken up residency at the Aliwal Arts Centre since 2013. The arts housing opportunity coincided with RSCLS being awarded a seed grant – the first ever for any urban arts collective in Singapore.

As the artists-in-residence, you can expect RSCLS to have wider involvement in the Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2018. In addition to the mural, the artists will present a group show titled M.A.T.A.S..

Future plans

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Apart from the Aliwal Urban Art Festival, the RSCLS will continue working on a project titled Solidarity Movement, which involves research and documentation of South East Asian Street Art, and educating communities about it. The group is currently forging long-term partnerships with agencies that are interested in supporting the cause.

Spazspazspaz will be working on the next installment of Rebel Daughters, happening end of 2018. Rebel Daughters is the female urban artist- focused arm of the Solidarity Movement that addresses representation and community building among female creatives in the urban arts scene.

Check out the timelapse video of the mural by Kilas and Spazspazspaz above while you await more teasers and details on the Aliwal Urban Art Festival!

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