Anti Social Social Club Physical Store Rumored to Open this Year

Anti Social Social Club Physical Store Rumored to Open this Year

An Anti Social Social Club physical store could open up sometime this year.

Instagram user @supreme_leaks_news claims that the first Anti Social Social Club physical store will open sometime in 2018.

The post was uploaded by @supreme__leaks__news on Instagram on Wednesday, January 3. The rumors subsequently spread like wildfire to other social media websites including Twitter and Reddit.

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A quick search on Anti Social Social Club’s Instagram page and website reveals no information that correlates to the rumors. Additionally, no prospective store locations have been leaked.

Despite the retail store not being a sure thing yet, netizens have gone ahead to air their views. Comments posted range from “hope they don’t” to “it’ll take at least a year before their stock even comes in”. A Twitter user, however, suggests that a physical store will help alleviate the brand’s shipping issues.

The brand launched a second Chinese webstore in March 2017, so the retail store may just be the next step in ASSC’s expansion plans.

Remember to check this article in the near future for updates.

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Source: @supreme_leaks_news

Featured image: Instagram/@supreme_leaks_news

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