Apple’s Airpods Pro drops with some long-awaited features

Apple’s Airpods Pro drops with some long-awaited features

The new Airpods Pro features in-ear silicone tips, Active Noise Cancellation and a bunch of new tech.

You can cop the new Apple Airpods Pro from October 31, at S$379.

After months of rumors and speculation, Apple has finally unveiled the Airpods Pro. The upgrade seems to be a direct response to gripes about the original Airpods, from design to audio quality and fit. The updates have made the Airpods Pro a simple-to-use wireless earpiece that lasts all day and deliver an audio experience on par with its price tag. With that said, here are some of the biggest improvements.

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Customized seal with silicon tips

One of the biggest issues with the previous Airpods was the lack of interchangeable ear tips. The previous version relied on the shape of Airpods resting perfectly in your ear. Though it gave some people a perfect one-to-one fit, many found them too big or too small to rest comfortably, creating poor seals and allowing too much ambient noise in.

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apple airpods silicone tips

With the Airpods Pro’s silicon tips, you can adjust the sizing of the in-ear segment to give you the best fit. Though not revolutionary, it is a much welcome change.

Active Noise Cancellation

apple airpods inner partsTo keep up with its price tag and steep competition, the Airpods Pro now come with Active Noise Cancellation. Using a mic on the outside of the earpiece, the Airpods Pro listens for and counters sounds with an opposing anti-noise before it gets to your ear. This process is performed 200 times per second to ensure it remains responsive to ambient noise. This way you can have the most immersive listening experience – you will never be distracted by your environment again.

But suppose you are crossing a street or would like to listen for the train announcement, you can hold down the stem of the Airpods to switch to Transparency mode.  This mode will use the external mics to feed in audio from your surroundings and adjust the volume of the music. So, you can quickly listen out, then return to your music.

Apple magical H1 chip

 apple airpods H1

The H1 chip is the source of all the connective magic between Apple and Beats products ,and iOS devices. The H1 chip is the brain of the Airpods, running everything from sound cancellation to Siri commands. It has such low latency that it can process and counter external noise as it happens – impressive for a chip that small. At the same time, it keeps connecting your iPhone simple – just open the case near your iPhone and they will pair up. Apple Magic!

Waterproof for the daily runs and gym sessions

apple airpods in case

One of the biggest perks of wireless earpieces is the cable- and tangle-free runs. To ensure that the Airpods would make an ideal gym companion, the earphones are water and sweat resistant, so you can use them without worrying about damage. Plus thanks to the lightweight construction, it feels comfortable in your ear – like it isn’t even there.

Simple and long-lasting

apple airpods connectivity

Overall, the Airpods are designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. Connecting to your iOS device takes a single tap and with the charging case, the Airpods can last up to 24 hours, which make them perfect for daily use.

You can order the Airpods Pro on October 30 for S$379 at or at any Apple store islandwide.

Would you pick up the Apple Airpods Pro? Share your choice in the comment section.

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