Apple Designer Creates a US$12,000 Luxury Hourglass

Apple Designer Creates a US$12,000 Luxury Hourglass

Apple designer Marc Newson revamps the traditional timepiece, proving to us all that time truly is money.

Designed by the famed Apple designer, the ‘Marc Newson Hourglass’ comes in a limited collection of just 100 pieces.

Priced at US$12,000 (approx. S$16,612), this luxury hourglass by HONDINKEE and Apple designer Marc Newson is made with a single piece of hand blown borosilicate glass.

Unlike traditional sand-filled hourglasses, this luxury timepiece uses approximately 1,249,996 tiny spheres called “nanoballs” to measure 10-minute intervals. In fact, these spheres are so small that they actually flow through the hourglass like liquid.

“The Hourglass is more than just a device to measure the passing of time,” wrote HODINKEE. “…Watching the first few nanoballs bounce around the bottom chamber and hearing the unique sound they make, plus watching the flow begin to change surface patterns in the top chamber is truly mesmerizing.”

Wish to get your hands on exclusive hourglass? You can reserve one for yourself by placing a $6,000 deposit on HODINKEE. The balance $6,000 will be charged before delivery.

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