Apple Instagram Page Spotlights Photos from the #ShotoniPhone Campaign

Apple Instagram Page Spotlights Photos from the #ShotoniPhone Campaign

The Apple Instagram page is a curation of photos from the #ShotoniPhone campaign.

The Apple Instagram page features photos curated from the #ShotoniPhone campaign, which encourages amateur and professional photographers to take photos on their iPhones.

At time of publishing, the Apple Instagram page has 9 posts and 337K followers. It follows 7 accounts including @beatsbydre, @carpoolkaraoke (recently acquired by Apple Music) and @planetoftheapps.

Each post on the Apple account acts as a video montage featuring five different photographers. A sound bite of the photographer describing their work accompanies the post.

An example can be seen below:

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#ShotoniPhone by… – 1. Shawn T. @_xst "I love it when people find out that they’re in a photo because the reaction is so beautiful. They’re like, 'Oh my God! How did you get this and when was it shot? I didn’t even see you!'” – 2. Laura I. @lauraiz “The person in all of these photos is my daughter. She is my first kid. Every little cliché about love is what I feel about Joey.” – 3. Percy O.A. @fotombo “My poetry and my photography go hand-in-hand.” – 4. Danilo L. @danilo “I’m attracted to everything experimental.” – 5. Laura Z. @laurazazanis “I had to tell my neighbors what I was doing, because now that I do this all the time, they’re gonna think that I’ve lost my mind, dropping all these crazy things into the pool everyday.”

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It hasn’t gone unnoticed that it has taken Apple a while to get on Instagram. According to The Verge, Apple was waiting for its tension with Instagram to die down. Their conflict revolved around Instagram making its app available on Android, which resulted in Apple’s senior VP of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, to delete his Instagram account in 2012.

But with photography being the focus of Apple’s #ShotoniPhone campaign, it probably could no longer remain frosty toward the world’s most widely used photography app, Instagram.

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