The Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote in 19 Minutes

The Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote in 19 Minutes

The Apple WWDC 2017 keynote that was 2 hours long has been condensed into a 19-minute video.

The Apple WWDC 2017 keynote summary is a 19-minute video created by The Verge.

Some key mentions include a new iMac Pro with improved Retina display and graphic boosts, the announcement of iOS 11 with an improved Siri with new speech capabilities, and a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Besides these announcements, Apple also showcased a new smart speaker called the “HomePod”, a new version of macOS called “High Sierra”, and an updated Apple Watch with better health tracking functions.

To learn more about these cool new technologies, watch the video above.

Source: The Verge

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