iOS 10 Adds New and Redesigned Emojis to Apple Devices

iOS 10 Adds New and Redesigned Emojis to Apple Devices

The iOS 10 update sees more than 100 new and redesigned emojis added to the already broad selection.

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Apple’s latest iOS 10 software for iPad and iPhone reflects the diversity of today’s world by including more emojis.

Adding to the plethora of emojis that already exist, the new ones offer greater representation by including female versions of cyclists, swimmers, surfers, detectives, police officers and other occupations.

The pistol emoji has been replaced with a water pistol as well, perhaps as a response to the open letter written by the group known as New Yorkers Against Gun Violence. The addition of the rainbow flag also correlates with Apple’s support for same-sex marriage.

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This isn’t the first time Apple is rolling out new emojis. The tech giant gave its users the option of choosing skin colors for selected emojis, following the iOS 8.3 update.

If you aren’t on iOS 10 yet, don’t worry. The update is rolling out progressively, so you’ll be notified soon.

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