Art Basel Sues Adidas Over Limited Edition EQT Sneakers

Art Basel Sues Adidas Over Limited Edition EQT Sneakers

Art Basel served Adidas with the lawsuit on May 30.


Photo: The Fashion Law

Art Basel is seeking compensation for unpaid license fees and profits Adidas earned from selling 1,000 pairs of limited edition “Art Basel” EQT ADV sneakers in 2016.

In the suit, the organization claims that Adidas did not receive consent to use its Art Basel mark, reports The Fashion Law.

This, according to Art Basel, has resulted in a deliberate misrepresentation of association, show partnership, sponsorship or affiliation between the sportswear brand and the art festival.

This lawsuit presented by Art Basel to Adidas changes the narrative, considering the latter has gained a reputation of frequently suing other brands for violation of its trademark three stripes (examples here, and here).

What can we say? The only thing that’s constant is change and er, world peace?

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