Fashion May 30, 2017   |  WORDS: Hana Kim

ASOS Customers Baffled After Receiving Polo Mints with Online Purchase

To keep customers looking fresh while donning their ASOS purchased apparel.

Photo: Twitter/jakeymarley

ASOS customers have been receiving parcels containing their online purchases and a surprise gift of a tube of Polo mints.

Confused, many have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts. While some customers found the free mints refreshing, others aren’t as thrilled that their (see Tweet below).

When asked why the online fashion retailer was gifting breath mints to customers, ASOS replied, “Want to keep you feeling extra fresh.”

But ASOS’ acts of random freshness, is not so random at all. According to the Daily Edge, the online store has been gifting customers the occasional box of Tic Tacs and gum since 2013.

Smells like a marketing stunt to us. Effective, or not? Let us know your thoughts in comments below.

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